About True Sales Force

A mobile app where the sellers can learn different sales techniques and products specs.

The users can answer questions about it and earn points while doing so.

Embedded in a game dynamic where they develop competitive skills and challenge each other.

The users are rewarded with physical or virtual goods for their accomplishments.

Sections of the app


The app consists in a game of questions and answers. You can play in two different ways; in both cases the user will earn points.


The sellers who use the app can gain knowledge through the courses tab.


In this section the users can learn about the different products that the company sells.


In the Stats tab, the seller can see his statistics: level, duel performance, duel stats, and answered questions.


Inside the menu of points redemption players can redeem the points earned in the courses and matches and win a lot of different products.


In True Sales Force the users will see the scoreboard in three different tables: by area, country or topic.

How can True Sales Force make your company sell more?

With a mobile app that offers:

Easy to use

Universally Available


Data App

True Sales Force has an easy to use content management system, where you can see the use of the app. Providing comprehensive stats of users, how long they are online, courses taken, games played, etc.
Weekly reports are obtained by statistical analysis of the app.

For more information

If you want to know more about the features available, prices for the app, or any other inquiries, please write us.